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Bernoulli's Theorem And Its Application

Bernoulli's principle states that for an inviscid flow, an increase in the speed of the fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure or a decrease in the fluid's potential energy.[1][2] Bernoulli's principle is named after the Dutch-Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli who published his principle in his book Hydrodynamica in 1738. Bernoulli's principle can be applied...

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Back to Basics: DP Flow Measurement

Walt Boyes tells it like it is in Flow Measurement: Part One-- Differential Pressure Flow Measurement, another in our Back to Basics series.

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orifice plate theory

This is the theory behind and orifice plate (and venturi). It shows how Bernoulli's equation and the continuity equation are used to derive the equation for flow rate from a measured pressure drop across the orifice.  

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The Differential Pressure Flow Measuring Principle

Basically it is possible to work with a venturi solution in this case. But also a Pitot tube solution comes into consideration. To figure out the solution that fits best we need further information

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Guided Wave Radar Overview

The guided wave radar's self-monitoring capability continually checks for any faults that could cause device failures or false indications. The device features a graphic display incorporated into an all digital electronics module

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