Model 100 Continuum Ignitor

The Model 100 Continuum Ignitor utilizes a high voltage electric arc to ignite a combustible air/gas mixture. This arc occurs every 20 seconds for a two second duration (timing is adjustable). The Continuum provides a spark inside a �slipstream' chamber that diverts a portion of the waste gas to create a combustible air/gas mixture. This allows the Continuum ignitor to function without...

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Model 245 Flame Front Generator Pilot

The Model 245 Fuel Efficient Flare Pilot is a high alloy, stainless steel pilot composed of fuel gas line, ignition line, inspirator, and optional thermocouple. The pilot head assembly includes a 310 stainless steel flame retention nozzle and wind shroud for extended service life while maintaining a capable of sustaining a stable flame in winds of up to 150 mph. Fuel gas passes through an...

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Model 250 Energex Pilot

The Model 250 Energex Pilot is a high alloy, stainless steel pilot which combines a high voltage electronic excitor and a high energy spark rod to provide rapid, reliable ignition. More importantly, the Energex pilot provides instantaneous re-ignition if the pilot should ever lose its flame. This pilot system uses a fuel gas line much like other standard pilots, however, instead of a flame...

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Model 255 Geminex Pilot

The Model 255 pilot is a combination of our Model 245 pilot and Model 250 Energex pilot. The Model 255 pilot can be ignited using a flame front generator and/or the high-energy excitor (electronic sparking device). This pilot inherently provides redundancy in the event that one ignition system should fail to ignite the pilot for any reason. This pilot is a popular selection in critical...

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Model 270 Retrax Pilot

The Model 270 RETRAX is a high-tech, retractable, electronic pilot which meets the technical requirements of our clients. This advanced design allows the plant operators to lower the RETRAX pilots individually or all at once for ease of maintenance. Since the RETRAX can be lowered from grade, operators need not wait for a plant shut down to service the pilots. The Model 270 RETRAX allows...

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Model 275 Pilot[18/10/2012]
Model 275 Pilot

The Model 275 pilot is a high-tech, retractable pilot that has been adapted to operate on both high-energy electronic ignition and flame front ignition. Technically, the Model 275 pilot is a combination of the Model 270 Retrax Pilot and the Model 255 FFG Pilot, allowing for redundant ignition technology and retractability. This design allows the operator to retract pilots individually or all...

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Model 850 Flamex Pilot

The Model 850 Pilot is a time-proven product that combines electric spark ignition with continuous spark monitoring, thermocouple monitoring, and retractability. The combination of these highly-demanded features has made the high-alloy, stainless steel Model 850 Pilot one of the most well-received ignition systems on the market. This electric pilot provides a rapid, direct spark every 10 to 20...

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Flame front generators (FFG)

Flame front generators are effective, time proven ignition systems which have been widely used in flaring applications for decades. The inherent reliability, rugged construction, ease of operation, and its economic advantages have allowed the flame front generator (FFG) to remain one of the most popular forms of pilot ignition in the industry. The FFG is easily adaptable to any pilot system...

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