Atlas copco: CD- Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Atlas copco: CD- Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench

 - The CD-Series from Tentec is an innovative range of low profile, direct drive, hydraulic torque wrenches. The ultra slim profile of the “same width” cassette and cylinder assembly is achieved by the use of a unique non circular drive piston and helps ensure that the CD series will fit onto those awkward restricted bolts. 

- The CD-Series from Tentec is a versatile torque wrench. A single CD Series torque cylider can be fitted with many different sizes cassettes to torque different sized bolts/nuts. 

- Not only is the CD-Series a strong workhorse of a wrench, it also offers refined features that make the ease of use of this wrench, world class. From the full 360º by 360º swivel connections to a convenient pressure/torque chart, laser etched onto the nose of the tool.

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  • Overview
  • Technical information
  • Dual Independent Swivels
    360º by 360º swivels allow for individual movement of duplex hoses.

  • Non Circular Piston
    This feature allows the cylinder and cassette to be the same extreme low profile width.

  • High Strength Construction
    Both cylinder and cassette are manufactured from high strength, high grade aircraft alloy.

  • Quick Connect Couplers
    Each tool is fitted with quick connect, non drip, threadless safety couplers. “One way only” connections ensure the duplex hoses are connected correctly.

  • Link Pin
    One pin for cassette to cylinder engagement - no tool required for swapping ratchet cassettes.

  • Versatility
    Each CD series cylinder can be fitted with a range of cassettes to suit differing Hexagon nuts sizes.

  • Add-Ons
    Many special optional addons are available, such as spanner wrenches, reducers and sockets.

  • Non-Drip Quick Connect Couplers
    Assures easy and safe operation

  • Optional CD Handle Kit
    An ergonomically designed handle for the CD Series Torque Wrenches.Part Number: ACC-TCH-8.

  • Optional Quad Kit
    Link up to 4 CD - Series wrenches together using the PE/PA Quad Kit. Refer to the Tentec PE/PA Pump page for further details.

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