Magnetic Level gauges

Magnetic Level gauges

Magnetic Level Gauge with a chamber of virtually any non-magnetic material, extruded process connections, a custom engineered float and all accessories with 316 stainless steel construction. MagWave dual chamber redundant level system has a proven record of improving feedwater heater reliability in power plants around the world. The MagWave combines a highly visible magnetic level indicator with the precise level measurement of a guided wave radar transmitter. Redundant level control can be achieved by adding a magnetostrictive transmitter or switch to the float chamber.

  • Overview
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Magnetic level gaugeMagnetic level gauge
  • Low installation, maintenance, and engineering cost
  • High visibility
  • Safe installation and operation
  • 5 year warranty on Chamber, Float and Indication Assembly
  • Extruded outlet process connections
  • Custom engineered floats ensure accurate indication and reliability
  • All MLGs are designed to ASME or PED standards
  • All welding is performed by code certified welders
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