Optimus -Subsea Flange Pulling System (FPS)

Optimus -Subsea Flange Pulling System (FPS)

The Tentec flange pulling system offers the highest pulling force of all the systems available today.  Each cylinder is able to pull with a force of 259kN (26Tons). Up to 4 Flange pulling cylinders can be ganged together to achieve a total pulling force of 1036kN (103 Tons). The FPS can be configured in various modes to achieve the right level of control and pulling force for every application. The system features automatic collet release which means no
diver intervention between each pulling stroke.

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  • Overview
  • Technical information
  •  Manufactured from High strength Stainless Steel to minimise maintenance.

  •  Long Pulling Stroke

  •  Independent control of each cylinder

  •  Automatic collet release.

  •  Controls can be mounted on each cylinder or away from the cylinders via a remote control panel

  •  Compact design to minimise weight
  • The Tentec FPS is very versatile and can be configured to suit various types of pulling work. The base configuration offers the control valves mounted directly onto the body of the pulling cylinders and offers complete individual control of each puller stroke. For pulling work where no individual cylinder control is required a remote control panel can be supplied which is positioned away from the FPS and can be comfortably controlled by just a single diver.
  • The Tentec FPS can be used with a choice of 2 different wire ropes. Using Tentec Wire Rope (WSC34x7) the system can pull to a force of 129.5kN (13 Tons), Tentec Wire Rope WSC34x7 offers a very versatile pulling method with the highest level of rope flexability.

  •  For pulling jobs where more pulling force is required, Tentec offers Tentec Strand Cable (WSCx7) a much stronger wire rope which can withstand a pulling force of 259kN (26 Tons) WSCx7 is not as flexible as WSC34x7 but offers much higher pulling force capacity.


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