Thermal Mass Flowmeters

Thermal Mass Flowmeters

Gas flow measurement without need for pressure or temperature compensation.

  • Overview
  • Technical information
  • Modular design optimizes accuracy and reduces installation, commissioning, and maintenance costs
  • Up to four characteristic gas flow curves with only one single meter
  • Best in class response time and accuracy
  • Special units for process gas measurements in boiler control, biogas measurements, compressed air accounting, pharmaceuticals, pneumatics and food and beverage applications
  • High-performance units specifically designed for combustion engines, automobiles and paint robots
Sensyflow FMT200-ECO2: Sensyflow FMT200-ECO2 - Thermal Mass Flowmeter, for air, compact design
Sensyflow FMT200-ECO2 is a very compact and extremely dynamic mass flow meter for air.
It offers a direct mass or standard volume flow measurement in pneumatic applications, e.g. in paint robot control. A multi-variable connection system makes the Sensyflow FMT200-ECO2 easy to install in many different tubes or pipes. Analog and digital output signals allow for flexible signal processing.
  • Compact design (IF Design award)
  • Variable process adapters: tubes, threads, ISO-KF flanges DN25
  • Variable, adjustable output signals
  • Measuring range 1..100 kg/h (=12....1250 l /min)
  • Serial port RS 232
Sensyflow FMT200-D:Sensyflow FMT200-D - Thermal Mass Flowmeter, for biogas and compressed air applications
Sensyflow FMT200-D is our compact specialist for mass balancing of compressed air systems. With a turndown ratio of 1:100, it allows metering and leakage detection together in one instrument.
  • 0(4)..20 mA directly from the sensor head
  • low pressure drop < 10 mbar
  • 1:100 turndown ratio
  • pipe components with 1” to 3” threads
  • user-friendly handling
Sensyflow FMT400-VTS/-VTCS:Sensyflow FMT400-VTS / -VTCS - Thermal Mass Flowmeter, for gases, integral mount design
Sensyflow FMT400-VTS/-VTCS is a compact mass flow meter for gases and gas mixtures. It is available as Sensyflow FMT400-VTS/-VTCS for use in process applications, and as Sensyflow FMT400-VTS/-VTCS with an hygienic design. The 24 V powered instrument supplies
0(4)..20mA directly from the sensor head. Sensyflow pipe accessories ensure the sensor is located in the optimum position within the process.
  • 0(4)..20 mA directly from the sensor
  • very low installation costs
  • huge turn-down ratio of 1:100
  • quick response time
  • Certifications: CSA, DVGW, CE, Ex Zone 2
Sensyflow FMT500-IG: Sensyflow FMT500-IG - Thermal Mass Flowmeter for gas
Sensyflow FMT500-IG is a digital mass flow meter for air, gases and gas mixtures in process applications. The system is supplied with LCD display, integrated gas temperature measurement and totalizer functions. Communication and configuration is via the PROFIBUS DPV1 protocol or analog output / HART . Compact and remote versions allow for flexible mounting solutions. ATEX certified versions for Zone 0 and 1 applications are available.
  • Digital measuring system
  • PROFIBUS DPV1 or HART communication
  • Separate gas temperature measurement
  • Diagnostic functions
  • ATEX certification for Zone 0 and 1(gases) and 21 (dust)
Sensyflow FMT700-P:Sensyflow FMT700-P - Thermal Mass Flowmeter, for air, test benches
Sensyflow FMT700-P is the high end product offering of the Sensyflow series. It supplies best accuracy together with an unrivalled response time of only 12 ms.Sensyflow FMT700-P supplies analog and digital output signals and allows direct connection to ASAM-GDI conformance measuring systems.
  • Accuracy <1% in the range of 40:1
  • Response time T63 = 12 ms
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Broad range of mounting accessories available
  • Reference system for suction air measurement in automotive industries

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