Variable Area Flowmeters

Variable Area Flowmeters

Low cost flow measurement for liquids, gas and steam

  • Overview
  • Technical information
  • Well-proven, robust metal tube flowmeters suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • More than 70 years of excellence from ABB based on the Fischer & Porter heritage.
  • Simple indicators requiring no electrical power to meters with alarm sensors with HART communication meet the needs of any application.
  • All-metal design ensures that even under extreme conditions measuring the flow rate of gases and liquids is straightforward
  • Simultaneous indication of flow and counter, user-friendly menu, configurable switching output simplify commissioning
VA Master FAM540: VA Master FAM540 - Metal Cone Variable Area Flowmeter
The flowmeter operation is based on the variable area principle. They can be utilized for measuring the flow of liquids, steam and gases, especially when aggressive or opaque fluids are to be metered.

They are indispensable where high pressure and/or high temperature operating conditions exist. The stainless steel primaries as well as the PTFE liner primaries are proven in many applications even under hardest conditions.

Primary instrument designs:

  • FAM541 Standard-line with flange connections
  • FAM544 Hygienic design
  • FAM545 with PTFE-liner for aggressive fluids
  • FAM546 with Steam jacket for temperature sensitve fluids

All devices are available as analog indicator with or without alarms as well as electronic transmitter with 4-20 mA , HART and NAMUR contact outputs and optionally with a graphical display. They can be used in all hazardous areas in flameproof, intrinsic safety or non sparking design.
FAM3200:FAM3200 (10A3200) - Armored Purgemeter
The armored Purgemeter offers possibilities for metering small gas and liquid flows. This meter is especially suited for meter applications with cloudy, opaque or aggressive fluids in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For all applications where glass tube meters cannot be utilized due safety considerations.
  • Installation lengh only 90mm
  • St. Steel housing
  • Min. and/or max. alarm
  • With- or without needle valve
  • Horizontal or vertical threaded connection
Glass tube:
FAG1190: FAG1190 (10A1190) - Glass Tube Flowmeter

The wide variety of float weights and meter tubes allows the Glass Tube Flowmeter FAG1190 to be matched exactly to the required flow range. The bead design is the standard meter tube design in sizes 1/16" to 2". The three ribs, which are parallel to the center axis of the meter tube, guide the float over the entire flow range. This assures a high degree of reproducibility because the float is absolutely centered in the meter tube.

  • Stainless steel housing is standard
  • Safety protection tube to protect the user should the meter tube burst
  • O-Ring seals for the meter tube
  • Alarms: Min., Max., Min. and Max.
  • Numerous flow ranges
FAG6100: Models A6100 & A6200 Purgemaster 'SNAP-IN' Small Flowmeter
This flowmeter family features a stable, corrosion resistant housing made of SS 1.4301 [304 SS].The quick and easy to handle Snap-In technology assures fast assembly and disassembly of the meter tube.

Flow ranges:
min. 0.05 to max. 2300 cm3/min (water)
min. 4.8 to max. 69200 cm3/min (air).

  • Borosilicate glass meter tube:
  • Resistant to practically all fluids
  • Polycarbonate safety protection cap
  • Integrated needle valve in the in- or outlet
  • Alarms: Min., Max., min. and Max.

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