Vietsovpetro Trade Union emulates completing Thien Ung rig [30/12/2014]

In the evening of 15th September 2014, at Vietsovpetro Hall in Vung Tau City, a ceremony was held to emulate “Completing design, fabrication, installation and operation of Thien Ung gas production rig”, together with awarding medal “For building up the Trade Union” and awarding prize for the contest “Vietnam Trade Union - 85 years of establishment and development” organized by Vietsovpetro Trade Union.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Tran Ngoc Dung, Vice Chairman of PetroVietnam Trade Union; Mr. Doan Huu Mai, Vice Chairman of Labor Union of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province; Vietsovpetro was represented by Mr. Dang Minh Hong, the Party Committee Secretary, Mr. Tu Thanh Nghia,  General Director; Mr. Vu Nam Cuong - Deputy General Director; Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, Chairman of the Trade Union and other members in the Executive Committee of Trade Union, Youth Union, Veterans Association, leaders of the member units and officials, engineers, workers who are directly constructing, installing and commissioning Thien Ung gas production rig.


Speaking at the Ceremony, VietsovpetroGeneral Director Tu Thanh Nghia said: in recent years, to ensure the oil and gas production entrusted by the State Council of Vietnam and Russia, Vietsovpetro has promoted exploration on new fields and areas. Following efforts, Vietsovpetro has discovered positive gas reserve on Thien Ung field under Lot 04-3.


Mr. Tu Thanh Nghia, Vietsovpetro General Director spoke at the ceremony


The plan for early exploitation of Thien Ung field was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on 14th January 2014, permiting the construction and development of the field, including the construction of 01 wellhead rig of 3 million m3/day and night, a well cluster of 12 slots, a block of 30 flats, a jacket of 6,300 tons, a topside of 4,000 tons, with total investment of nearly US$ 525 million in 2013-2017.


The works are of great importance to the sustainable development of Vietsovpetro, facilitates Vietsovpetro’s further expansion of operational areas,  increases the annual oil and gas production, contributes to completing the production plan of Vietsovpetro in particular and of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group in general.


Launching emulation at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang expressed his desire that Vietsovpetro international laborers, especially such key units as the Petroleum Contracts Management Board, Science Research and Design Institute, OffshoreConstruction Division, Marine Transport and Diving Division, Mechanical and Electric Equipment Repair Division, Drilling & Workover Division, Oil and Gas Production Division... should coordinate closely together and with contractors, launch emulation in all teams, ensure the safety and quality in production, and overfulfill the schedule and also recognize outstanding individuals, collectives, well organize the post-contest summary for experience and timely reward.


Mr. Nguyen Van Thang - Chairman of Vietsovpetro Trade Union made speech for launching emulation


At the ceremony, representatives of eight major units directly involved in the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of Thien Ung gas production rig signed memorandum of emulation, showing the promise and highest determination of the laborers in striving to operate Thien Ung field on schedule, ensure the quality, safety and efficiency.


Representatives of eight major units directly involved in the design, fabrication, installation and operation

of Thien Ung gas production rig taken photographs beside the memorandum of emulation


On behalf of the contractors, Mr. Nguyen Cao Phuoc, Chairman of the Trade Union of Science Research and Design Institute and Mr. Nguyen Trinh, Chairman of the Trade Union of Offshore Construction Division commited: the units will jointly response to short-term competition, complete detailed design documents for  Thien Ung rig with high quality, on schedule; construct the project in accordance with “Petroleum spirit”: “Drastic - Professional - On schedule - High quality - Safety - Efficiency”; encourage all human resources to join the project, organize preliminary and final summary of the project to timely reward and encourage typical individuals and collectives. The units also expected to receive the attention and assistance of the leaders and the efficient coordination among units and contractors to complete the project in accordance with the target.


Mr. Nguyen Cao Phuoc – Chairman of the Trade Unionof Science Research & Design Institute


Mr. Nguyen Trinh- Chairman of the Trade Unionof Offshore Construction Division


According to the Decision No.759/QD-TLD of the Presidium of Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, for building Vietsovpetro Trade Union, on this occasion, Mr. Tran Ngoc Dung - Vice Chairman of PetroVietnam Trade Union awarded medals to 11 members of the Trade Union under the units who actively contributed to the development of the Trade Union.


Those awarded with the medals for building Vietsovpetro Trade Union


In addition, the Standing Committee of Vietsovpetro Trade Union also warmly praised implementation results of the units in the contest “Vietnam Trade Union - 85 years of establishment and development” and the Labour Code, the Trade Union Law dated 2012. After two months, 5,393 writings of staff, trade union members from 19 Trade Union branches were received.


Those awarded Vietsovpetro Trade Union prize in the contest “Vietnam Trade Union - 85 years of establishment and development”

and the Labour Code, the Trade Union Law dated 2012


Summarizing the contest, the organization committee gave mark and selected 30 winning writings to submit to the contest of PetroVietnam Trade Union level. Ultimately, Vietsovpetro Trade Union won the second prize for collective and 01 consolation prize for an individual. Vietsovpetro Trade Union rewarded prizes for the collectives and individuals.

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