Wellhead Compression

Jordan Energy Solutions’ Wildcat gas compression systems for wellhead applications are reliable and flexible. Our standard products, or our custom solutions, can match the technology which best suit your exact needs while they boost production, lower operating costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maximize reserve recovery.
Rotary screw gas compression systems for wellhead applications are designed for a broad range of suction and discharge pressures as well as a full range of production volumes. Rotary screw systems have efficient HP/volume ratio and compressor size/flow ratio and have very low maintenance requirements.
Jordan offers a full range of compressors for use at the wellhead and free testing services to allow you to assess which of our products best suit your needs. Testing helps you to identify flow improvement opportunities up front—creating a virtually risk free investment for your organization.
The system we recommend depends on several factors. These factors might include: line pressure, volume, pressure differential, gas cleanliness, gas composition, energy efficiency, and capital cost.
Jordan’s gas compression systems have been used successfully on coal bed methane wells, natural gas wells and oil wells. Our customers have seen production increases between 50% and 200% using our Wildcat wellhead compression units.
Wellhead compression equipment can be purchased, rented, or leased from Jordan Energy Solutions.