Welcome to Peteco Company

Peteco Vietnam is a company supplying machinery, equipment and technical service to oil&gas and other industries.

Since establishment in early 2008 Peteco has been repidly developing its relationship with lots of clients, consultants and manufacturers from developed countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Peteco’s products are being widely used in offshore platforms, processing factories, pipelines and mechanical fabricators.

We work hand-in-hand with enduser and maker from designing, procurement and manufacturing to make sure the delivery of a cost-effective solution meeting with our customer’s requirements.


Our vision is to become a market leader in providing our clients with more added value to imported products. Each staff of Peteco will have an equal chance to contribute themselves and will self-develop together with the company’s growth.

Human resource
At Peteco we have both knowledgeable well educated managers and young talent staff. This combination brings us a strong team having lots of experience and motivation. Our team includes engineers, commercial and project staff working in both the mechanical and automation fields. Being partnership with many manufacturers we also have great and timely support from their experts.
We have been working with many partners in Vietnam and over the world. Our parnerts include:

1. Manufacturer:
    – Flare Industries
    – ABB
    – Tentec
    – Rototherm
    – Mirage
    – Milton Roy
    – Fujikin
    – ACE
    – IES
    – Hochun
    – Denver
    – L.A.Turbine
    – Honeywell

2. End-user
    – Gas Services
    – PTSC M& C
    – Vietsopetro
    – Vungtau Gas Processing Co
    – Thang long JOC
    – 405 Construction and Production Trading JSC
    – Hanoi Petro
    – Alpha ECC
    – Noi Thuong Bac Car Transportation Company
    – TFP
    – Saturn….